Eulalia Skye is excited to bring you a new release of GOLDMAYNE: A FAIRY TALE. This folklore retelling follows the adventures of a runaway farm boy and his talking horse.

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Summary: Goldmayne

Evil witches, cursed royalty, heroes by happenstance, and happily ever after.

Duncan does not believe in fairy tales, but when he runs away from his father’s farm, he tumbles headlong into one. Old Dame Groach recruits him as caretaker of her crumbling estate, where he must tend her poisonous garden, beat her white horse daily, and keep far away from the mysterious closet beneath the stairs… and that’s only the start of his fantastical troubles!

A retelling and shameless embellishment of the French-Canadian folk tales, “Scurvyhead” and “Sir Goldenhair.”


Book cover: Goldmayne by Kate Stradling