Eulalia Skye is excited to bring you a new release of THE LEGENDARY INGE. This Beowulf-inspired fantasy follows the misadventures of a teenaged girl mistaken for a twelve-year-old boy.

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Summary: The Legendary Inge

Plagued by misfortune, Ingrid Norling treks into the woods to clear her head. She emerges a monster-slayer, the shaken executioner of a creature so ferocious that even the king’s strongest warriors could not destroy it. In a land that reveres swords and worships strength, this accidental heroism earns Inge an audience at court and an ill-fated prize: King Halvard impulsively adopts her and names her as his heir.

Under constant guard to prevent her escape, Inge confronts the ignoble underbelly of the royal court: a despotic king, a clueless princess, a proud warrior, and a dangerous intrigue. As secrets unravel and the castle becomes an elaborate deathtrap, Inge must keep her wits close and her weapons closer.

The monster in the woods was only the beginning.

Book cover: The Legendary Inge by Kate Stradling/ gray stone background with blue flowers and runic text