Book cover: The Legendary Inge by Kate Stradling/ gray stone background with blue flowers and runic text

The Legendary Inge

Swords and sorcery collide.

Plagued by misfortune, Ingrid Norling treks into the woods to clear her head. She emerges a monster-slayer, the shaken executioner of a creature so ferocious that even the king’s strongest warriors could not destroy it. In a land that reveres swords and worships strength, this accidental heroism earns Inge an audience at court and an ill-fated prize: King Halvard impulsively adopts her and names her as his heir.

Under constant guard to prevent her escape, Inge confronts the ignoble underbelly of the royal court: a despotic king, a clueless princess, a proud warrior, and a dangerous intrigue. As secrets unravel and the castle threatens to become an elaborate deathtrap, Inge must keep her wits close and her weapons closer.

The monster in the woods was only the beginning.

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A reluctant heroine, a duty-bound hero, a mad king, and a monster who threatens them all.

Book cover: Goldmayne by Kate Stradling

Goldmayne: A Fairy Tale

Evil witches, cursed royalty, heroes by happenstance, and happily ever after.

Duncan does not believe in fairy tales, but when he runs away from his father’s farm, he tumbles headlong into one. Old Dame Groach recruits him as caretaker of her crumbling estate, where he must tend her poisonous garden, beat her white horse daily, and keep far away from the mysterious closet beneath the stairs… and that’s only the start of his fantastical troubles.

A retelling and shameless embellishment of the French-Canadian folk tales, “Scurvyhead” and “Sir Goldenhair.”

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A farm boy finds adventure with the help of his talking horse.


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Book Cover: A Boy Called Hawk by Kate Stradling

A Boy Called Hawk

by Kate Stradling

The Annals of Altair, Book 1

Dreamer, Machinist, Sweet-talker, Enigma.

When four gifted children escape from the government-run Prometheus Institute, it’s up to their classmate, 10-year-old Oliver Dunn, to bring them back. Unfortunately for him, Hawk, Hummer, Honey, and Happy West did not leave on a whim, and they have no intention of returning quietly.

With the help of the powerful Government-Civilian Alliance, Oliver and his handler Emily must track down the truants before they can wreak havoc across the southwestern United States.

Submit now, dear children. The state demands it.

Book Cover: A Rumor of Real Irish Tea by Kate Stradling

A Rumor of Real Irish Tea

by Kate Stradling

The Annals of Altair, Book 2

Ten years old and in disgrace.

A twist in fortune has landed Oliver Dunn and his handler Emily at the Prometheus Institute’s F Campus, where aspiring delinquents and bureaucratic red tape abound. Meanwhile, Oliver’s sworn enemies, Hawk, Hummer, Honey, and Happy West, continue to chase rumors of the mysterious Altair, much to the ire of the government.

When a stringent military general decides to end the Wests’ mischief once and for all, Oliver is again enlisted to help. Together with a disgruntled classmate, a charming news reporter, and a know-it-all administrative assistant, Oliver must outsmart the Wests to restore order and his tarnished reputation in this follow-up adventure to A Boy Called Hawk.

Book cover: Oliver Invictus by Kate Stradling


by Kate Stradling

The Annals of Altair, Book 3

Dead at Fifteen.

Oliver Dunn’s life is officially over. Pulled from his bed in the black of night, he’s headed for the Prometheus Institute’s mysterious shadow campus, where anomalies like him vanish forever.

But no sooner does he leave Prom-F than the school descends into chaos. The student body revolts, classmates make a break for freedom, and one silent, powerful projector among them corrals the adults into a hive-minded collective of slaves.

Yanked back from his impending doom, Oliver’s mere presence restores order. The Prometheus heads demand that he ferret out the rogue projector, but he’d rather die than cooperate.

His life is already over. They can’t threaten him with any fate worse than his own. But they can threaten the one person in the world he actually cares about: his former handler, Emily Brent.

Soot and Slipper book cover

Soot and Slipper

by Kate Stradling

Eugenie lives in isolation on her father’s estate, with only her elegant stepmother and two stepsisters for company. When the crown of Jacondria announces a series of royal masquerades, she yearns to go. However, her stepsisters’ fortunes hinge on them finding wealthy husbands, and Eugenie doesn’t want to interfere with their odds.

Enter a mischievous fairy who has other plans.

Brine and Bone

by Kate Stradling

When Magdalena discovers the crown prince of Corenden washed ashore after a shipwreck, her rescue-by-happenstance draws her back to the glittering palace and its stifling rules.

But Prince Finnian’s miraculous return attracts more than the nobility of the court. The eerie creature that spared his life would gladly reclaim it, even if staking that claim requires a sacrifice of flesh and endless torment.

Book Cover: Namesake by Kate Stradling


by Kate Stradling

Anjeni Sigourna bears the name of a legendary goddess, but her resemblance to that honored figure ends there. Eighteen and jaded, she has cultivated sarcasm instead of the elusive magic everyone expects her to possess. 

But when an adverse encounter  lands her in an alien realm, magic marks the boundary between life and certain death. Anjeni must now create a legend instead of living in its shadow.